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One of the most popular hill stations in India is Igatpuri town. This is a section of the Nasik District in Maharashtra. It is a hill station that takes a greater section of the Western Ghats, located at 1900 ft. above the sea level. There is a dense forest, which comes along with rugged terrain, one of the things that would make you want to visit Igapturi. The city is also home to several ancient temples, which are tourist attractions of the city. There are many other resorts and attractions that pull tourists into the country.
Here are some of the travel tips for visiting Igatpuri;

Things to do:

There are a number of activities, in terms of festivals and events, which will make you enjoy the city to its fullest. Here is a look at some of the festivals you might want to be involved in the city;

Diwali. This is a common Hindu festival and it is also called the Festival of Lights. It normally runs between October and November and the festival lights up the city completely. Here, you will get a chance of meeting the locals or even buying traditional items.
Ganesh Chaturthi. You can join this one between August and September, which is another festival that will give you a taste of Indian Culture.
You can also visit some areas like Tringalwadi Fort, the Igatpuri Lakes, and the Vipassana International Academy, where you will experience a lot of the ancient Indian Culture.

How to visit Igatpuri.

There are a number of ways of getting to Igatpuri and here is a look at how you can get to the city via different modes;

By air, There is no any airport in the city, but you can access it via the Shivaji International Airport, which is the nearest international airport, located in Mumbai. This will take about 3 hours’ drive to Igatpuri.

By rail. You can also get there by the railways and there is a single railway station. The Igatpuri Railway Station. This station is linked to the major Maharashtra cities. For that, it wouldn’t be such a difficult means to use.

By road. If you want to enjoy the elegant scenery of the city, you can get there by road. There are several buses, which connects to Igatpuri, from all the major cities around. There are some private car services, but the most common service is offered by the MSRTC, the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation.


You can be sure of enjoying a decent hotel in Igatpuri, which is affordable and will offer you a cosy environment. Some of the common hotels in the area are the Ashwin Hotel a super elegant hotel, many more.

One of the well-known and high-class resort in Igatpuri is The Grand Gardens Resort, which is located on the Mumbai-Agra highway and it is subsequent to the Government rest house, so you are sure of nothing but class and security. It has a lot to offer and you will also enjoy the friendliness of the staff members.

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