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How long does it take to travel from Thane to Igatpuri?

The distance between Thane to Igatpuri is approximately 100 kms and it takes anywhere between 2-2.5 hours to drive from one place to another depending on traffic and time of the day.

How much commute time will Samruddhi Expressway save for travellers between Thane to Igatpuri?

The travel time between Thane and Igatpuri is slated to reduce to just 45 mins with the opening of this 6 lane expressway.

How will Samruddhi Expressway help commuters from Mumbai?

With travel time between Mumbai and Igatpuri reducing to less than half of the current time, the holiday homes in Igatpuri would become more accessible than ever. Imagine just a 1 hour drive to peaceful, tranquil, mountain-surrounded second-home. For those working in Mumbai, a weekend home in Igapuri would make perfect sense to getaway from the chaos and hustle-bustle. For those with work-from-home option or retired from work, can consider making Igatpuri their first home. Nothing like the clean mountain air, away from the urban chaos.

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