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Regarded as one of India’s most beautiful hill station, Igatpuri is located in the Western Ghats lies in Nashik District between Mumbai and Nashik Road on the Central Railway, and is true, the most beautiful hill station in Nashik, Maharashtra.It is a scenic place by all accounts: one where you can almost simultaneously enjoy the attractions associated with the mountains, and those associated with the plains. That is because igatpuri is located in the Sahyadri mountain range and approximately 150kms from Mumbai, Beach Line and surrounded by mountains as well as the breathtaking scenic beauty of lush green landscapes & pollution free environment.

Getting around Igatpuri

There are many ways of getting around Igatpuri, meaning that you have a chance to choose the one of the most convenient to you.
Firstly, there is the option of using the trains: Igatpuri is a major railway station with all trains stopping for 20 minutes as there is a change of locomotive engine owing to the electric current running the engine. The good things about trains to igatpuri are that they are mostly on time. From Mumbai, it is about 145Km and only 45Km from Nashik.

Secondly, you can reach igatpuri by air, Chatrapati Shivaji airport terminal, Mumbai is the nearest airport to igatpuri which is only 145KM from Mumbai.

Thirdly, you can reach igatpuri by road with your own private car or hire a taxi or bus. It can be costly, but the convenience you get is unparalleled, especially for those who wish to travel in their own private space.

Things to see and do in Igatpuri

There is so much to see and do in Igatpuri that you’ll probably end up being spoilt for choice.
If you are a person who loves peace & pollution free environment, you will be glad to learn that Igatpuri is a hill station famous for its scenic surroundings it is surrounded by the highest peaks in Sahyadri most of them are forts built by satavahana dynasty.
If you are a history lover who loves to see interesting things, you will find many historical forts build by satavahana dynasty the most popular is Tringalwadi fort which is a must visit. Igatpuri is also known for Vipassana International Academy, where the ancient technique of meditation is taught called Vipassana.

Vipassana International Academy Seeking peace, visit the wonderful place Vipassana, also known as Dhamma Giri, and a world famous meditation centre in igatpuri. This academy provides a complete 10-day meditation course.

The waterfalls at Igatpuri are a remarkable sight that draws hundreds of visitors every month throughout the monsoon season. Located a few kilometres from the Ghatandevi Temple, the waterfall system consists of five breathtaking waterfalls that fall over each other as they pour down the rocky topography of the Western Ghats. The waterfalls are easily visible from the railway line that cuts through the area. This is one of the most common picnic spots for local residents and tourists in Igatpuri.

Kalsubai Peak (1646 meters) is the highest peak in Nashik district of Sahyadri’s mountain range lies on the border of igatpuri taluka and Ahmednagar district. The best time to visit Kalsubai peak is on the Navratri occasions, many stalls are set up near the Navratri Utsav for the pooja materials during Navratri period for all nine days. It is the main adventure spot for trekkers.

Lakes at Igatpuri

In igatpuri there are many small and big lakes but there are two small beautiful lakes which are situated near the railway station of igatpuri. The bigger lake is known as Railway Lake which is located near Girnare village it is indeed an amazing attraction of the place.

The Ghatandevi Temple is devoted to Goddess “Ghatandevi”, the protector of Ghats. There are peaks of Durvar Utwad, Trimak and Harihar which forms the background of the temple. Most people visit this temple while passing through Nashik-Mumbai NH-3 Highway driving through Kasara Ghat.

What to see near Igatpuri

Bhandardara is lush green serene hill station situated in the Sahyadri mountain range in Maharashtra. People usually visit bhandardara in monsoons for its beautiful greenery all around and the oldest dam called Wilson Dam, it is located on the banks of river Pravara. It is an excellent place for trekkers.

Trmibakeshwar Temple the ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and one of the twelve jyotirlingas in India. It is mostly visited on Monday every week. The temple is located about 56Km from Igatpuri Railway station, can be reached by road.

Where to stay in Igatpuri

Igatpuri offers many quality resorts to suit all kinds of budgets ranging from cosy, affordable resorts to 5-star resorts offering luxurious, world-class services and amenities. Depending on your taste and budget, you can go backpacking across Igatpuri’s beautiful nature trails or rent a luxury bungalow. Therefore, whether you are looking for an enjoyable stroll in the abundance of nature or looking to relax with exotic spas and massages in a weekend of pampering, Igatpuri offers the best of both worlds within Mumbai’s outskirts.


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